My name is Louise, I was a GP on a career break when I created a new career as a medical writer, editor and first time author. I am now back working in the NHS as a GP.

I worked as a doctor in the NHS for 15 years, initially as an Anaesthetist and then as a GP partner in a busy rural practice. I loved my work and my patients but a brush with a near fatal pneumonia at 38 years old changed my entire outlook on life. I recovered and returned to the job I adored but found it emotionally tough to be away from my then young children. I took a career break to write a medical thriller (half finished) and then ended up wanting to put my medical hat back on a few years ago. I started this crazy project to create my first book ‘Your Best Life – A Doctor’s Secret Guide to Radiant Health Over 40’ which was released in the Autumn lockdown period of 2020. I used my skills and knowledge from being a GP but then researched much deeper into the science of nutrition, exercise and self help. You will find all the traditional aspects of medicine in my work (working from UK health guidelines). I am a real old school doctor, but one with an open mind. I have covered not only the core topics; dermatology, gynaecology, eye health, dental care and so on but also how to stay happy and what fashion and social media mean to real women like you.  Nothing replaces a consultation with your own doctor or nurse but looking after OURSELVES starts with every small habit we practise every day. Every breath, step and thought is relevant. These amazingly add up to have a potent impact on our health. 

I am constantly updating myself on all aspects of academic knowledge that I have gained as a GP. I am also aware that there is plenty that can complement conventional medicine and prevent disease. I am an advocate of lifestyle medicine but through my own unconventional route of ‘self discovery’ to get to this point.

I am a member of the Medical Journalists Association and worked for more than a year as one of the main medical editors and writers at for Hearst Magazines. I wrote, commented and edited for various publications and was the resident medical writer for for a couple of years. You might have seen my writing or quotes appear in Boots magazine, ASDA, Harpers’ Bazaar, Red Online, Cosmo, Good Housekeeping to name but a few.

I absolutely love to motivate women through my writing but also through speaking events where I am often asked to talk about many different aspects of women’s health. I don’t think women want to be told what to do, I think we need to understand why things might work then we can work out what to do for ourselves. We are all so different and should be proud to be individual. 

I just want women over 40 to look at themselves and be motivated to improve their health and hopefully maximise their longevity and happiness. It is important that we calm our fears about changes that naturally occur as we get older and completely feel at ease in our own bodies. There are many things in life we cannot control but there are aspects of our health and mindset that we can take the reins of, no matter our age. 

In so doing we should gain maximum enjoyment from life, revealing our true inner beauty in the process. Are you ready for your own Best Life?

Dr Louise Wiseman MBBS Bsc(Hons) DRCOG MRCGP