Collection and use of your information

This address of this website is (“we”, “us”, “our”).

When visiting the website, we collect information from your visit so that we can analyse trends, administer our website, track movements around our site, and gather broad demographic information for internal use such as statistical assessments and website improvement.

For example, if we put a new page up that nobody visits, or that people visit for a second then click-on somewhere else, that page isn’t really doing anyone any good, so we’re likely to change it or take it down. We wouldn’t know whether people visited it or not if we didn’t track that anonymous usage.

Other non-personally-identifiable information may be collected as well, which is rather typical of most websites. For instance, the source that referred you to our website is generally known. Likewise, the duration of your visit to our website, and your destination when you leave our website can also be tracked.

Other common data collected includes the type of operating system the computer you are using to access our website has. Similarly, the type of web browser is often noted. Again, this is common data collection, and helps ultimately produce a better end-user experience.

Cookies are another common internet practice. Cookies are a key means of improving user experience which allow us to customise your use of our website. Simple information is transferred to your device to allow the content and experience to reflect your actions, preferences, and so on.

For more detailed information on the cookies we use and how to choose whether you accept that usage or not, please read our Cookie Policy.

We always give you the choice when you first use our site, and again every 30 days after that, as to whether you accept the placing of any cookies on your device.

Please understand that refusing cookies may disable some of our website features and render some aspects useless to you.

At other times, you will be fully aware of the information we receive, as you will be the direct source providing it. For instance, you may comment on an article we have published, reply to an email (whether broadcast message or autoresponder), provide an email address, complete a survey etc.

External links away from our site and embedded content from other sites

Please be aware that, as soon as you click away from our site, or click on content on our site that is hosted by someone else e.g. a video clip from YouTube or a news provider, their privacy policies and practices will come into force.

Handling of personal information

Note that any personal information you provide to others apart from us is wholly optional.

As an example, you might disclose something in commenting on an article on our site. That “private” information is now “public,” and we therefore have no control over it.

In like fashion, you sharing information with any other third party not functioning as a service provider to us puts that information beyond our control and becomes subject to the policy that party has in place.

Our primary intention for collecting information from you is simply to conduct our business. We can use this internally to better serve you. Accordingly, we see no reason to share your personal information with other parties and outside interests unless we have specifically asked, and you have specifically authorised us to do so.

While we will abide by all statutory data protection regulations in force in the United Kingdom at the time, illegal activity or other serious acts or allegations could create legal liability for us. In those cases, we reserve the right to share any appropriate information we hold with the relevant statutory bodies or their agents, or we may simply be compelled to do so by law.

There may also be times when we would need to share information in order to protect our own interests. For instance, in cases of suspected or alleged copyright infringement or other intellectual property violations, it may be necessary to share information we hold with bodies or agencies appropriate to an investigation of any such alleged activity.

3rd Party Analytics

We do not use any analytics services offered by any search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing so you can be sure that your online behaviour while on our website is not being shared with anyone.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

As our website is owned and run within the European Union, we are governed by the latest data protection regulations, the GDPR. You can read more about what the GDPR means here.

Data requests

If you would like to know if we hold any data about you, please contact us via the contact form stating the email address you would like to query and we will confirm to you, within 5 business days, to that same email address, whether we hold any data associated with it.

If you would subsequently like us to delete any data, then all you need to do is reply and ask us to do so.

We will comply with your request within 48 hours and confirm any action we have taken to the email address that was the subject of the query.