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I was lucky enough to be interviewed by the Daily Telegraph to coincide with the release of my book. I had been privileged to work with the prolific interviewer Anna Magee in the Summer of lockdown. I had researched in depth and written about Covid, facemasks and other complex subjects for a high profile online GP service. I was so excited when Anna wanted to interview me!

In June 2020 I was awarded runner up in the British Medical Journal short story competition. Thrillingly my story was published in the BMJ doctor magazine that autumn. It was a poignant story based on a heartbreaking case I had cared for as an anaesthetist many years ago. I wrote my account of the story in 20 minutes – it was cathartic to write but devastatingly sad. This gave me an insight into the healing power of writing as the response was strong from old colleagues and medical friends alike. 

Jackie Lynch, multi-book author and nutrition expert and founder of the Menopause Nutrition Clinic discusses with me how women in midlife and beyond see themselves and how to stay positive through the menopausal time and keep our self esteem and confidence through nurturing our level of self-care.

Kate Thornton Questions Melanie Sykes, Melanie Cantor and I with three thought provoking questions over wine (and tea) to make us think, laugh and reflect on how we got to today and the launch of Mel’s magazine

Events, menopause and positive ageing work

I have run various webinars and in person events to help women understand menopause and what they can do to help themselves and when they should see a doctor. These include work for and presentations for the Women’s Institute and other women’s groups.

I have given talks at different schools to encourage staff to take care of themselves and be empowered to take back some control of how they age, manage stress and deal with everyday challenges.

I have talked to parent groups at schools to educate ladies about the menopause and positive ageing at a time when everyone else may be the priority but them.

I have helped run educational events for students at the University of Exeter Psychology department to allow those studying ageing to understand the menopause and challenge the belief system of society about older women. Alongside Dr Louise Pendry we have been prolific in challenging stereotypes of ageing in social media and our professional writing.

I have recently given a lecture to the Kent Surrey Sussex GP Retention Scheme to encourage reflection amongst busy doctors and non-clinical professionals in NHS management to turn concern to their own health and how they can positively influence the way they age. In turn they may use these hints and tips to motivate their own patients and colleagues.

Pastoral care of staff is paramount in this decade and at last is being considered as a priority. I have worked with Dr Louise Pendry who is pioneering ‘the menopausal café’ in the university staffing environment and tried to help women understand the natural process of menopause but when to seek help and when HRT and other options are appropriate.

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