The Women

I have always been fascinated by the beauty, business and fashion industries alongside the world of medicine, surgery and science and the concept of strong women empowering one another and sharing information rather than competing.  Another facet of my book ‘Your Best Life- A Doctor’s Secret Guide To Radiant Health Over 40’ was that I challenged myself to find 45 amazing women, some well known, all prolific and over 40, who have done wonderful things with their lives.  I have asked them about their role models, their influences on their attitudes to health and beauty growing up, what they do now to look after themselves even down to what is in their beauty cabinet.  I want to present a snapshot of real women in this exciting time, with real relevance, in this often airbrushed and identikit world.  I want the book to inspire others starting on their journey over 40 or well into it, that this time is not an ending but a real beginning and that you can change the route of your life or turn it around at any age and reinvent yourself and your health.  It started as just a comprehensive health book but has also become quite a movement through social media to allow women to swap stories and support each other.  My interviewees range from age just 40 to near 80 and all have an inspiring story to tell.  I have interviewed ladies in medicine, nursing, sports industries, science, media, fashion, models, makeup artists, beauty businesses, retail, psychology, the arts, writers, TV, reality TV and so on.  Be prepared to be inspired and invigorated by these wonderful ladies!  Follow me on social media on Instagram and Twitter to look back and see more of my journey as it unfolds.

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